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Secure & Affordable Access to Business Information via Web Portal

Access your business information online, securely, anywhere and anytime!

Surya Reports is an online business reporting platform that seamlessly integrates with business software solutions to provide secure access to business information, whether it is related to financial, logistics or sales.

Surya Reports offers a simple, intuitive and an affordable online business reporting portal that can readily connect to relational database such as Microsoft SQL (accounting, sales or logistics). The web portal provides real-time secure online access to the important business information to authorised users only.

The layout of Surya Reports is responsive, meaning these reports can be run and viewed on desktops or mobile devices and the layout will auto adjust to the size and orientaion of the device. In addition, the reports can be shared or viewed by exporting to various popular document formats such as PDF, XLSX or CSV.

Features of Surya Reports

Surya Reports System is built on the Telerik Report Server Platform (a product of Progress, US) and utilises Telerik Reporting application to design and develop custom reports. Surya Reports can deliver information from multiple data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server and ODBC Data Sources. The information can be collated by executing various data operations such as aggregation, filtering, slicing, grouping, sorting, conditional formatting and styling effortlessly.

Surya Reports web portal securely and efficiently stores and manages reports in a single server-side repository. We maintain the report server and repository on our dedicated Cloud Web Servers, thereby providing a reliable, fast and secure access to your business information. In addition, Surya Reports web portal utilises the latest SSL encryption methods to protect transfer of sensitive data, between the web browser on your computer and the report server, from being intercepted from non-authorised parties.

Surya Business Solutions - Search within Reports
Search within Reports?
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Surya Business Solutions - User and Report Management

User and Report Management

We manage users and reports for your business. Once we have uploaded the list of users and reports to the server repository, we can manage users' access to the library of reports.

We work with you to assign reports per individual user , thereby ensuring that only authorised users are able to access the confidential business information. The user access / permission to the reports or web portal can be re-assigned or revoked anytime by contacting us.

Surya Business Solutions - Surya Reports Interactive Visualisations

Interactive Visualisations

These visualisations tools are standard to assist you in analysing your business information - Charts, Graphs, Cross-Tabs, Lists, Sub-reports, Images, Barcodes and Maps.

Information on the reports can be drilled-down or drilled-through for more specific information. In addition, the reports can be designed to sort columns, insert hyperlinks to images / web, table of conents or document maps for easy navigation.

Surya Business Solutions - Surya Reports Dynamic Parameters

Dynamic Parameters

Work with up-to-date selection criteria in realtime when accessing and viewing reports. We design reports with a highly intutive user interface, meaning only those parameters that are relevant to the reports are available for selection at run time.

The server at Surya Reports connects to your database directly to fetch the requested data. As a result, the parameter selection data is always up-to-date.

Surya Business Solutions - Email within Report Preview
Need to Email Reports?
Send Emails directly within Report Preview

Surya Business Solutions - Surya Reports Multiple Databases

Multiple Databases

Surya Reports can provide access to all your databases under one login with reports relevant to each database. With Surya Reports, there is no need to sign up for multiple services to access data from different systems.

Surya Reports can connect to many popular databases such as Microsoft SQL (MSSQL), Oracle, Firebird SQL and file formats CSV, XML; to provide access to the stored information.

Surya Business Solutions - Surya Reports Pre-designed Reports

Pre-designed Reports

With Surya Reports, there is no need to learn any technical details to design reports & charts. We take care of designing the reports for you. The reports are designed to display information in a familiar document format that are easier to print, understand and share.

We work with you to understand your business reporting requirements and custom design reports to meet those.

Surya Business Solutions - Surya Reports Powerful Performance

Powerful Performance

Surya Reports server and reports include tons of optimized code that are completely customizable to deliver unmatched fast performance.

When designing reports, we ensure that the code to fetch data from the connected databases is fully-optimised. This not only ensures faster response times when running reports but also results in less usage of bandwidth when transferring data between the two servers.

Surya Business Solutions - Why use Surya Reports

Why choose Surya Reports

simple - intuitive - affordable

freedom - efficient - secure

Surya Reports provides real-time secure access to the business information - accessible only by authorised internal staff. We do not store any business data on our servers. Instead we connect and retrieve information directly from your servers when a request is made by a user. This ensures not only security of your data but also provides an efficient and fast business reporting system.

Surya Reports provides businesses freedom to access their business information anywhere and at anytime of the day. Above all, Surya Reports is a very affordable subscription service without requiring an initial huge outlay to purchase licences, setup and train staff.

  • Make business decisions based on real-time, evidence-based information
  • Do not spend hours and days on preparing & updating spreadsheets
  • Analyse and compare data with charts, graphs, tables, lists etc.
  • Schedule delivery of reports, share documents by email
  • May reduce your business software licencing costs
  • Secure access on desktops and mobile devices

Connectivity - List of Current Business Systems

Surya Reports readily connects to these business applications. We are regularly seeking and assessing more business systems to add to our list of applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us if the business system of your choice is not listed below. We would love to hear from you to discuss how we can make Surya Reports work for your business.

Why Sign Up For Surya Reports?

  • Responsive Report Layouts
  • Flexible User Access Management
  • Freedom to access data anywhere
  • Tons of report customisation options
  • Secure user access
  • Monthly Subscription Plans


$ 20 * /user/mo
* Ex GST; initial setup fee applies per database

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