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Server & Networking - Cloud Hosted or On-Premise, Remote Access, Data Backups

Setup Server and workstation network to harness the power of a central system..

U-Bute IT Solutions provides server & networking installation, deployment, maintenance and support services for Cloud Hosted (Virtual Cloud) or On-premise Server infrastructure to small to medium sized businesses.

Our technicians are qualified and experienced in dealing with a wide range of technical requirements when setting up a server and network infrastructure, to ensure optimum utilisation of resources and a fast and responsive experience for users.

We work with you to choose the most reliable hardware and software to ensure that the server infrastructure is designed and configured to meet your computing needs. Our technicians follow the best-practice guidelines to configure the server to ensure a fast, secure and reliable infrastructure.

U-Bute IT Solutions - On-premise Server Infrastructure

On-premise Server Infrastructure

This method of server installation is carried out at physical location of a business, typically in premises where main offices are located. The setting up of a physical server requires an initial outlay to purchase server machines and associated hardware for networking within the office.

The infrastructure can be secured from outside malicious attacks by deploying hardware and/or software firewalls.

On-premise infrastructure is scalable and can grow to meet increasing workloads and users, however, this requires further outlay to upgrade server machines. In addition, on-premise server infrastructure requires an ongoing maintenance of physical machines, which adds further to the cost of maintaining and running a physical server infrastructure.

U-Bute IT Solutions - Cloud Hosted Server Infrastructure

Cloud Hosted Server Infrastructure

Virtual Cloud Servers (Cloud Hosted Server) solution provides flexibility and clear benefits for any size businesses. To put it simply, cloud solutions let you pay for services as and when you need them, without the upfront cost to buy or manage any infrastructure.

Cloud servers have the benefit of scalability, meaning they can adapt in size according to the increase and decrease in workload. As your company grows and changes, cloud servers can scale up or scale down accordingly and adapt swiftly to meet your needs.

Cloud platforms offer advanced, high-level security features such as data encryption and routine backups, providing greater data security than that of an in-house server.

U-Bute IT Solutions - Local and Cloud Backups

Local and Cloud Backup Solutions

Local Backup Solutions involve physical deployment of storage devices in the office / business premises. The data from local computers is regularly backed up on these storage devices, which can then be removed periodically to keep an offsite copy of the data.

Cloud / Online Backup Solutions include saving the business critical data / information in an offsite location that is physically safe, secure and regularly backed up. The major benefit of keeping a copy of your files/ information is recovery of data when local data becomes unavailable due to break-down of computer hardware, virus, spyware or malware attacks.

We recommend a combination of local storage devices and cloud as a backup solution. This ensures that you always have your data saved securely and in multiple locations. These locations can be easily / safely accessed in case any recovery of data is required.

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